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  About MMZ WOOD company

The company has been established in the city of Damascus more than 24 years ago ,and  the beginning was in  trading, manufacturing and formation of iron and still working in this field to the present day. The company has also worked in the field of plastic for 10 years in Syria,
projects done by the company:

projects done in Saudi Arabia
Central Steel Workshop
Laser cutting machine and Pancheng machine
Established a metalworking workshop
Established a plastic factory of three production lines: injection - blowing - drawing
Established a carton printing and packing factory
Established a complete carton factory in Makkah area


A partnership was established in Turkey in the field of timber trade, construction and communications in Turkey, Istanbul, the name of the company is veza nekt


Republic of China
The company has good experience in dealing with China for more than 6 consecutive years in many fields where it owns partnerships with 50 percent stock shares.


New branches
Started work in the Republic of the Sudan for more than 4 years, as the company started to establish a headquarters in the city of Khartoum for manufacturing wood materials, importing and exporting.
The company owns multiple timber resources from the Balkan countries and the surrounding countries. This makes the company strong in the markets because it has experience and expertise in the field of wood, buying and manufacturing wood until it reaches the market.